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We are  pleased and honored you have taken the opportunity to visit us here on line. Please come and visit us in our new location a place where you can grow, learn, evolve and be yourself. We can help you find resources to empower many aspects of your life and step forward with a deeper connection to your core. I have created an opportunity for a space where a gifted group of professionals can offer thier crafts talents and expertise to you. I hope you take the time for yourself to come and meet us. 



Hello, I'm Trish Rosa and I enjoy blending Hypnotherapy, N.L.P., Rieki, Meditation and Sound Healing in private sessions and workshops. While working with a client I intuitivley am able to bring to light underlying issues that surface to release the connections to the issue. We are creatures of habit, we believe what is told to us from sources we are comfortable with those messages may not have always been beneficial to you or are no longer useful in this part of your life. Enabling yourself to drop the beliefs that no longer serve you opens opportunity to become empowered and aware of your unlimited potential.

An attendee for over twenty years to the Omega Center for Holistic Studies. The educational opportunities of influence from some of the worlds most respected and renowned speakers, wonderful teachers and guru's. Professional trainings confrences and workshops include Woman in Power, Breathwork, Meditation, Drumming, Sound Healing, Intuitive Development, Inner Child, Intentional Healing, Soul Work have been stepping stones of enlightenment and awareness to a foundation in alternative living, thinking and nurturing.

Difficult life challenges and experiences have been opportunities to add tools of endurance and insight that have strengthened my perspective to healing. My never ending entrepreneurial spirit and quick witted sense of humor has never been diminished by challenge.

Certified Medical and Dental Hypnotherapist,NueroLiguistic Programming Master, Reiki Master Teacher, Ordained Universal Life Minister, Total Transformation Practitioner, National Certification Integrated Pest Management, C.P.R. Certified,Licensed Special Needs Foster  Parent, Past Spokesperson for MACI, Thriving surviver of M.C.S.

Angel & Tarot Readings by Kathleen

Angel, Medium,Psychic, & Tarot

Kathleen is a gifted reader..”Her insights are undeniably divinely sent and received; recognizable by personal information that she could only know from her angel guides. I cannot adequately put into words how comforting it is to hear heaven sent messages that shine such special light into my life. Once she has read for you, you will understand the warmth, truth and sincerity of her angel messages.”P.R.


Barbara has worked with clients in the Holistic Healing field for more than 20 years. As an Integrative Holistic Practitioner, she easily blends numerous healing modalities to best suite her client’s needs and healing requirements. She is also an Educator, Artist and Photographer who uses her creativity to help awaken and guide her clients toward their desired goals.

Barbara’s mission is to assist women and men on their personal journeys to be the best they can be in all areas of their lives. Transformation happens as a client claims their own True Self which is found in one’s “Deep Heart”. Her extensive endorsements are testament to her skill and compassion. She is soft spoken and non-judgmental but with a keep sense of insight that is essential in facilitating positive change. She provides a relaxed, comforting environment for each session and one in which real progress can be made.

Barbara’s energy evaluations (scans) can be done in person or at a distance and they form one aspect of her work to give her and the client a sense of what is really going on behind the presenting situation. Because she can work in person or from a distance, anyone can take advantage of her excellent skills.

Her signature session is called an “Angel Tune-Up”. This session may include an intuitive scan, hands-on energy work, essential oils specifically selected for a client’s needs, as well as crystal and sound healing. Longer sessions may include massage, intuitive guidance and a healing plan.

Barbara is a graduate of Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing, A Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Magnified Healing and Subtle Energy Practitioner. She has her certification in Bio-Energetic Nutrition from Mark Mincolla and is certified to teach Integrated Energy Therapy. (IET). She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from UMass and is ordained through the Universal Brotherhood Movement. She is a distributor of Young Living Essential Oils and has done extensive study of the healing properties of essential oils.

Barbara’s continual search for wisdom keeps her actively studying with numerous teachers such as Meredith Young Sowers, Zacciah Blackburn and Alberto Villadro.

Barbara welcomes all to experience the healing touch of her work and step more completely into the life they always intended to have.


"The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something.

 It's as simple as that.

 A lot of people have ideas, but there are few who decide to do something about them now.

Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today.

The true entrepreneur is a doer,

 not a dreamer." ~ Nolan Bushnell